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Discover the world's first Sending Platform at TOPO Summit 2019!

In today’s world, consumers are inundated with emails, notifications, and online ads. Therefore, marketers are pressed to come up with unique and memorable ways to stand out and engage prospects & customers.

Sendoso is re-inventing the way brands are interacting with their target audience. Sending physical, impactful gifts helps prospects build a relationship with your business. Sendoso takes care of the heavy-lifting task of logistics, allowing you more time for creativity and personalization.

Stop by the Sendoso booth to learn more about strategic sending campaigns that will turn your prospects into customers and your customers into advocates.

"With Sendoso, the ease of executing this program was worth every penny. In addition to the time saved, we are seeing a better response from prospects due to the simple automation process and quality packages they are now receiving."

Amanda Glincher

Senior Marketing Manager, AlterG

"The ease of executing this campaign was unbelievable. There’s no way we could scale this personalized outreach without Sendoso. The solution has become an essential ingredient of our pipeline-building strategy and overall success as a company."

Torrey Dye

Director of ABM & Demand Gen, Terminus

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